Delivery time is from 10-12 days*. If you have ordered a digital file, you'll get it in few hours!


Star Map is a chart which shows the position of stars, constellations and planets on given date, time and location. Which can be your wedding day, birthday or any other special day. Each star map is unique for that time and location.

We send order mail for all orders. You can do below things to find order no or order confirmation mail.
1) search “slate sky” in your mail
2) search via our email id
please make sure you check promotion section of your mail as well

We show you live preview of how your star map looks when you enter all your details, final product will be same as that. We request you to check all details twice before placing the order. Also please note that preview might vary slightly in term of height-width or some margin padding (Distance between star map circle and other text), due to different screen sizes (Mobile, desktop, tablet). We try our best to show the preview as accurate as final product. For accurate representation we suggest viewing it on the desktop or pc.

You can verify the authenticity of our Star Maps using any open source or free app/website available to check sky data.

When you place an order for a digital file, we mail you the same file we use for printing (High Quality Jpeg file). We suggest you better go to Photo framing studio or any other frame shop because they would have a lot of experience in printing photos and framing it. They'll do a better job than any stationary shop. You can print it on any size: A4, A3, A2. It won’t get blurry. Ask for 300 gsm paper or higher, It’s ideal for poster printing. We use the same 300 gsm matte finished paper.

The entire library of all celestial objects which includes approx. 100 million stars, comets and asteroids has been logged by NASA Astronomical Data Center Star Catalog. This data comes from past and present NASA planetary missions, astronomical observation and laboratory measurements. We use this data and feed it into our proprietary software which then uses the geographical coordinates and the date-time provided by you to chart out an accurate map of these objects. We then beautify this map by adding graphics and plotting popular constellations to create a timeless piece of art that is ready to adorn your wall forever. You can verify the authenticity of our star maps using any open source or free app available to check live sky data.

If you enable constellation names, It'll show you all constellation names on the star map, including names of planets and will name the sun and moon if they are coming in you map. We suggest that you select A3 size, if you're enabling the names, for better readability. Additionally in fixed background options some names may appear going out of the boundary and it'll be printed like that due to some limitation. We have already put a note for that and show you when you select the fixed background.
For more details on constellations, you can look them up in websites such as or once your map has been designed.

Current delivery time is 10-12 days*. Once item is processed, you'll get a tracking email and messge. Since each Star Map or Birth Poster is custom-made, we take 5-6 working days* for processing (print and frame) your star-map. Once processed you'll get the tracking details via mail. Additional 5-6 days* for shipping to any metro city in India, 5-8 days to any other location in India. So if you’re planning to gift this for a specific occasion, be sure to order at least 10-12 days* in advance just to be on safe side, because courier delay can happen considering holidays or any other situations. This time is subjected to change due to current pandemic situation, additional delay may occur at anytime. If it's urgent then, opt for digital file option.

We accept online payments via RazorPay, a safe and secure payments processor that accepts all credit and debit cards, UPI, Wallets. We will soon be adding more online payment methods. We do not provide Cash On Delivery service due to customized nature of the product.

Each Star Map or Birth Poster is made as per your unique requirements. Considering the customized nature of the product COD is not available to prevent issues like if a customer changed his/her mind, not available at the time of delivery, Refuse the delivery. Star map is printed as per your order and with your unique details, therefore post paid options such as COD is not available.

We understand that mistakes happen. Your order is held for 30 minutes after it is placed to allow for any necessary mistake correction in the product design, text, format, size, billing, and shipping address. Please contact us on whatsapp 9601376838 or within 30 minutes of placing the order. After that time, the order will be automatically process and we won't be able to edit it or change any details. Please take note of that. If you have made any mistake in details that you provided to us and you notice it after the delivery, No return or refund or replacement will be done. Once placed order can not be cancelled, only details can be changed within 30 mints of placing the order.

Sorry, since each Star Map or Birth Poster is made specifically for you, It's unique to your details so we will not be able to accept return as we will not have any further use of the product. In rare cases of damage during transit, we will send you a fresh piece at no cost, if we have misprinted it or made any mistake on printing your details, we will happily sent the replacement. If you have made any mistake in details that you provide to us and you notice it after the delivery, No return or refund or replacement will be done. It's your duty to double check everything. For detailed policy please clikc here

Yes, we take bulk orders for corporate gifting, wedding planners, colleges (graduation gift), NGOs, etc. Bulk pricing is based on the quantity for each order so please get in touch with us on and let us know your requirements.