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After a year long sabbatical that took us to 38 countries & 6 continents (Antarctica seemed a bit too chilly) we decided that there had to be a better way to preserve these memories aside from blurry pictured on our phones. These pictures didn’t even come close to doing justice to the nature beauty that we were surrounded by each day. From there SLATE SKY Maps was born.

Whether you purchase a SLATE SKY star map or birth poster as a gift for family and friends or get one for yourself, we hope that you will find as much joy sharing your adventures and reliving your memories through your custom SLATE SKY star map or birth poster as we do.

SLATE SKY Star Maps and Birth Poster are a great way to bring you closer to your favorite memories, milestones & accomplishments.  Whether is commemorating a graduation, birthday. anniversary or childbirth star maps, we are honored to help you celebrate the occasion with a custom designed posters.   

SLATE SKY is a Indian business with all products made right here in the India. Each map is custom designed and handmade in house to ensure top notch quality.